Webinar | The economy’s new growth trajectory, what will it take to restore it by B4SA

The speaker, Martin Kingston, will discuss how and why B4SA was formed and how it is structured, and also touch on the degree of collaboration between business and government and other social partners. He will also cover B4SA’s role in unifying business organizations by marshalling and consolidating resources in pursuit of a common goal, including interfacing with civil society, internal and external communications, and engagement. He will then speak briefly to the South African economy’s current status and envisaged growth trajectory; and what it will take to restore it; and the call for a new social compact between government, business, civil society, and organised labour.

Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Online Platform: Zoom meeting
Exclusive for our members, by registration only.
RSVP via email: events@spaincc.org


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