SCC Innovators Panel

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Eriscan Innovations is inviting innovators from all fields of technology and entrepreneurs from all business sectors to present their projects to a panel of experts and venture capitalists.

The action aims to create an exchange of information between international / national investors and innovators that will generate valuable partnership as well as will contribute to economic growth, poverty alleviation and job creation.

It is known that Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship are essential in achieving the Knowledge Economy and sustainable socio-economic development across South Africa and the whole of Africa. We are confident that our action will improve the networking and collaboration between innovators, VCs and all private and public sector stakeholders (at both international, national and regional level) and will facilitate co-creation, adaptation and commercialisation of research and innovation outputs while ensuring that research and innovation programmes are regularly valorized for impact and alignment with international, national and regional policy objectives as these continue to evolve.

SCCIP, Spanish Chamber of Commerce Innovators’ Panel, will be a business enabler and economic growth catalyst for the benefit of both countries & beyond.

Through research outputs and technology acquisition, technology transfer and knowledge sharing, co-creation and adaptation of new products, services, processes, business models and policies and commercialization of research and innovation outputs will stimulate local, national and international Innovation Ecosystems.

The specialist of Spanish Chamber of Commerce and of Eriscan Innovations will give support and mentorship and will facilitate the interaction between VCs and innovators.


On 8 November the SCCIP ad hoc panel of specialists chose three finalists following  strict criteria. The main selection criterion was their readiness to engage with possible investors.

The three finalists are: 

Thrive Drive, a mobile application for learner drivers using behaviour analysis and AI to reduce the number of accidents in the first and second year of driving.

The innovators were invited to register with Midrand SOFTSTARBTI, a software inovation hub which offers to entrepreneurs various programs and training under SEDA at N/C.   

There are other positive developments with Connected Knee innovator who progressed  in developing the technical solution using the mentorship and technical support of Raluca Pauna, the specialist in technical innovation management and Eriscan CEO. The innovator will apply for grants at two SA government schemes.

Cattle Coin innovator was also supported by Eriscan for the technical design of a solution and was linked to SA government schemes for grants.    

SCCIP event was a successful brainstorm of ideas and a networking experience which helped the participants to gain new knowledge and links to funding and grants. This event should be again on the list of SA innovation panels on the first half of 2019. There are already innovators interested to enrol and possible sponsors for the event    


Are you ready to work together?