Local Companies Database

Access to the database
Access to our database of companies in South Africa, showing them according to sectors, location and sizes.

Access to our selection of employment agencies with specialists which are more suitable for each sector.


Business Opportunities

Potential partners
We promote trade links between Spanish firms and South Africa. Contact with potential business partners, such as business partners, customers or manufacturers.
For Spanish SMEs, it is often difficult to enter foreign markets and expand their business activities in them. It is not only the lack of experience and the distance which makes difficult or even impossible to enter a foreign market, but also, in most cases, the lack of human and financial resources. As a permanent representation of Spanish companies, the Chamber will be a major point of contact between customers and partners of business abroad.

The first step to enter the new market is to carry out individual research. Our extensive network of contacts in business as well as access to our up-to-date databases and a wide variety of information, allows us to acquire trade contacts that your company may require, also enabling analysis of individualized market of your product / service.
Information regarding competitors.
Responding to your queries.
Access to the network and local sources of information.

Spain boasts an excellent reputation and has vast experience in the field of Energy Efficiency. For this reason, this training program in conjunction with the EWSETA and under the guidance of collaborating companies, All Training will be held at Universities and Training Centres. The Training Program will be presented to the South African Department of Education for approval and implementation. Through our Training Programs our objective is to educate and provide workers with the necessary skills based on your requirements and sector specific needs.

Social events with local and Spanish companies
Information about the future trade shows and promoting your company within them.



For Spanish companies

English courses.
Document translation from the Spanish to English or vice versa.
Translations into and from Afrikaans as well as all other African Languages.
In Addition, we are able to provide interpreters who will assist yourselves to overcome the language barrier. They can provide you with more information about the companies that you wish to contact and plan on visiting and will be available to accompany you to all trade negotiations. Our interpreters will facilitate the complete and successful communication required.

For local companies
Cursos de español:
La casa de España.
International House.

Spanish courses:

Assistance from The Spanish house.
Assistance from Spanish schools.

Assistance from Families of expatriates

With the joint efforts of local Academic facilities which provide courses in English/Afrikaans to obtain access to Economic Courses for Members of the Chamber.



Presentations about your company at Universities and Schools of FP, providing vital information to students of Engineering, FP, etc, about your company and thus make it known and create a benchmark for future workers.
Courses in secondary education, youth centres which would credited them with a certificate in those subjects in which you consider necessary through training (we will require common guidelines from yourselves according to sectors as well as). Collaboration with the EWSETA and various Training Centres.

Premises for Spanish companies

Courses taught by specialised local companies to Spanish companies, for example: ESKOM, IESE business school…
Professional lectures from representatives of the Government or Big Corporates, for example: “The future of Renewable Energy in SA” ESKOM.

Talks between chamber members

Meetings scheduled by the Chamber Forum to discuss issues of mutual interest

Updates on current legislation.
Information regarding current events
Round tables.
Offering samples/viewings of your technologies or products, in small groups and will only require a minimal financial contribution from yourselves for these types of events.


Expert Integration

Integration through local activities
Every two weeks visits to be arranged to experience South African traditions and enjoy local attractions. (Some examples: cultural events, Libraries and Book stores, Cinemas, Arts Theatres, The Ballet, South African Arts and Crafts Markets.

Collaboration and support programs as volunteers / In various NPO’s.

Assisting with Labour Requirements
Database specifically created with relatives or acquaintances of expatriate’s whom would like to find employment.
A monthly meeting to be held in order to understand the current situation of each family and determine solutions to facilitate their Employment Needs.

A Monthly presentation will be scheduled, or can be arranged upon request. These presentations would host guest speakers like Spanish Diplomats or South African Government Officials as well as/or Applicable persons of interest and who will address concerns or issues your companies may have for example:
Changes in the Legislation.



We can advertise your business on our site and provide you with targeted advertising solutions. For more information, send us an email from our contact us page.



If you are a small export or import company contact info@spaincc.org and find other small export or import companies to collaborate with them or to get any advice.

Si eres una pequeña empresa que está exportando o importando contacta info@spaincc.org para que te pongamos en contacto con otras pequeñas empresas para uniros o obtener consejo.


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